Siivous- ja Mökkipalvelu Mutikainen

With professionalism and confidence since 2004

We have been serving cottage and household customers with professionalism and trust since 2004.

Our services include cleaning and housekeeping services Enonkoski, Kerimäki and Savonlinna areas. Read more about our services and contact us.

Tax credit for household expenses

Most of our services qualify for the tax credit.

The tax credit for household expenses reduces the amount of tax you have to pay. You can claim the credit if you pay for work to be done in your home, such as cleaning, child care, renovation, or computer installation. You can also claim the credit for work done at a holiday home that you own.

Credit is only granted for the part of the total expense that is paid for work. The maximum credit for household expenses that you can claim for 2021 is €2,250. Read more on the Finnish Tax Administration website

Home service without VAT

We now also offer home service for those who need special support. The prerequisite is the customer’s need for social care, that is a decrease in the ability to function due to illness or age.

For example, we help you with activities related to housing and other normal life, such as cleaning and domestic help.

Please note that even if you do not pay VAT on our services at all, you will also be able to claim a household deduction for tax purposes from your home service!

Feel free to contact us and ask how we can help you.


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